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The Unofficial Guide to Build Your Very Own Internet-Based Business - NewbieCashMoney.com

Attention All Internet Marketing Newcomers: If You’re Sick and Tired of Wasting Money on Failed Internet Business Ventures, I Have The Solution to All Of Your Problems:

WAIT! You can proceed and discover about this page ONLY IF you are willing to work smart and are not looking for a way to "get-rich-overnight".

I understand how frustrating it can be, unsure of what to do, where to start, or even whether working online is something you will be able to be successful with. Then there are the many obstacles you face each day of staying on track, remaining focused and trying to figure out just how much starting a business online is really going to cost you; both in time and in money.

I know how it feels to worry that you will never be a successful Internet marketer — that you will slave away hours each day on your computer, spend thousands of dollars on reports, ebooks, and software… and ultimately reap no return on your large investment.

And worst of all, I know how it feels to think that one day you might have to admit it to your family — to your parents, to your spouse, to your friends — that you were completely wrong and that they were right; that you couldn’t really make money online and that you had simply been tricked by a bunch of slick marketers.

I don’t know you, but I don’t want you to have to experience what I did. I want you to avoid the trouble, the heartache, the frustration, the marital problems, the financial crises, and the embarr ment of having to beg your friends and family for money when you finally fail.

Instead, I want you to become wildly successful. I want you to start a business that is actually a business — not a questionable, dime-a-dozen “opportunity.” I want you to use that business to generate a consistent income that grows over time and at a wage that would actually be worth your time.

Finally, I want you to be able to show your friends and your family that you can make money online — that you’re not wasting your time and getting scammed. And I want them to be proud of you; and for you to feel good about it.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. While there are many different methods in which you can earn money online in the Internet Marketing industry, even brand new members are learning the ropes and generating a steady income with nothing more than a single website or blog. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost you anything more than a domain name and a cheap hosting account. Whether you have dabbled with the free methods of advertising and generating traffic like article marketing, forum marketing, and social community promotion – or you are brand new to the idea of making a decent living online as an Internet Marketer, my "The Unofficial Guide to Newbie Cash Money" will, undoubtably, help you get started immediately.

So give up on those hopeless, pathetic, “get-rich-quick” schemes and instead adopt a sensible, meaningful, real path to success on the Internet — one that will involve selling real things to real people… and actually making lots of money in the process.

As the le indicates, “The Unofficial Guide to Newbie Cash Money” will guide you a step by step, proven path to earning a real income on the Internet — even if you have no prior experience and even if you have yet to earn a cent online.

At the end of this path, you will have a truly workable, powerful, profit-pulling business that you can call your own. Furthermore, you can actually feel “proud” of your accomplishment, rather than feeling as if you made money, but did so by tricking people into joining some disastrous, life-ruining, borderline-illegal, pyramid scheme.

Getting Started & Managing Your Expectation This goes beyond a single webpage. Creating an iden y online and becoming an expert isn’t as difficult as you may think. I’ll help you get started on the right foot by avoiding newcomer mistakes, pitfalls and outright bloopers.

Finding Hungry Markets You must understand the market if you want to success in ANY business. In this chapter, I’ll help you to locate lucrative niche markets, and create a strategy that you can stick with. From keyword research to dealing with the compe ion, I cover it all.

You must choose your first core Internet-Based business. Focus on one thing that really fits you. Take a journey with me through the various options and easily discover what is best for you such as how to start making money with other people’s products etc.

In this chapter, I’ll guide you on how to… Go to store

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