Hot Dog Carting – Who Else Wants A Hot Dog Cart Business That Makes $500 a Day!

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Hot Dog Carting - Who Else Wants A Hot Dog Cart Business That Makes $500 a Day!

You see, with all the fancy talk of “internet this” and “internet that,” many people over-look and forget the lowly hot-dog cart. Yet it’s the kind of basic service that not only made this country great – it made us rich!

I mean, you might think you can live without your smart-phone, but how long can you live without eating!!!

Like you, I once started-off with the dream and made a lot of mistakes. A lot. Yeah, eventually made my fortune, but back in the day,

You see, I’ve been selling hot-dogs up and down the East Coast for nearly 20 years. And I’m going to hold your hand, step-by-step through this business, so you can get “up and running” quickly.

I have a friend that only works “big events” – like county fairs — maybe 3-4 days a month. Yeah, he sure drives a bit to the ‘right’ ‘event’ but he pulls about $1400 an event on average for working just one day! (If you call 4-5hrs labor a days work!)

I want to share with you my 20+ years experience. Why? To prevent you from making all the same silly mistakes I did! So I created this near 100 page eCourse. It’s packed full of the just the kind of information you need – without the filler or BS. It’s no non-sense. Not too short, not too long. Afterall, . . .

A: No. In many ways this is the very opposite of a get-rich-quick scheme. We are offering you the roadmap to a real business. It will take real work. Hard work. But this work should pay-off – and bring you real income. In fact, if you have a get-rich-quick mentality, we encourage you NOT to buy this course.

A: Hot dog carts are a tried and true business opportunity. Tens of thousands of people just like you have made serious money with them. They have a simple, easy to understand business model and low startup costs. They have high profit margins on a product most everyone wants and needs. Of course, only you can decide which opportunity is right for you!

A: We are no doubt biased here, but we believe our products offer a great value proposition. This ebook is packed with information on everything necessary to get started and hit a real ‘home run’ in this industry. As we noted earlier, like the ‘Goldie-locks and the Three Bears” story, we believe some products are too short, while others are simply too long and boring. Or they’re just a bunch of non-sense filler. In our view, ours is just right. Because the point is to get our there in real world and be a success!

A: We Stand by our product! We offer a “60 day, no risk, Guarantee”. If after reviewing our product you are unhappy, simply return it and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked. We are proud of our product and are confident you will like too.

It might not be glamorous, but it’s real. Tens of thousands of people have made a success at it – and I’m sure you can too!

And while, it’s not rocket-science, there are a tips, tricks, and guidance from an experienced mentor that can really help you on your way. It can accelerate you success and really multiply income.

I’ve worked hard putting together for you my full 20+ years experience in the business. I’m offering you a real road-map to success and maybe even riches . . .

While I could easily sell this kind of insider information for $350, I really want to help you get started in the business.

And while we have sold this product for $99 in the past, I’m feeling in a helpful mood. Heck, I’m tempted to give it away for FREE. But I also want to know you are serious.

Nearly of lifetime of insights on the “ins and outs” of the hot-dog cart business – cart secrets, insider locations – the whole deal, all for a measly $39. Go to store

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