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SEO Content Miner

Helping others by directly answering the questions they often ask is a fast and easy way to get a lot of traffic in any niche and make more money online.

We all know that search engine traffic is expensive. But with the right strategies, you can get thousands or even millions of visitors who are really interested in what you are promoting online.

Those 3 things are the key to lots of traffic and the ability to make money in any niche – no matter the level of compe ion known to exist there.

SEO Content Miner sc s QUESTIONS, KEYWORDS and ARTICLES from Google, helping you to get ideas for writing the content that provides the answer to the questions which internet users are asking daily, thus giving you a lot of traffic.

Sc thousands of QUESTIONS from Google in minutes! With inbuilt threads and human simulation, you can get a long list of questions that information-seeking internet users are asking in any niche. Great for researching, defeating the compe ors, and finding new ideas to write on. Just type your keyword and watch the software as it goes to work, revealing thousands of questions you never knew existed. Do you have a specific search mode? No problem! The tool comes with Exact, Broad and Phrase search modes for you. After getting the results, you can export them to a CSV file for your content writing tasks.

Sc thousands of KEYWORDS from Google in minutes! Through the mul hread feature, you can get thousands of keywords related to any niche – more than what you would get through the Google Adwords keyword tool.

Great for search engine marketing and getting targeted traffic. Just type the main keyword of your question and the software will give you thousands of keywords that you could take advantage of in compe ing in any niche.

Sc thousands of ARTICLES through Google in minutes! This is the last step after getting the QUESTIONS and KEYWORDS. Are you an expert in your desired niche? If not, that is not a problem. The internet is full of millions of articles on various topics, and reading them helps you to get some ideas on how to write your own unique content and let your prospective customers have the answers to their questions.

This is also a useful feature for product research. Just type the main keyword of the your questions and the software will give you thousands of related articles for easy content writing.

If you need a tool which automatically posts to WordPress.org and WordPress.com blogs, this will help you. You can schedule your posts into anytime in the future, enable or disable comments; enable or disable pings; randomnize posts; set maximum posts per day; and even edit any column in the Operations tab. Another good thing about this tool is that it supports special-character languages such as Chinese, Japanese, German and many others.

Do you need a tool which automatically posts to many blogger blogs of the same Google account and of different Google accounts simultaneously? Then, SEO Content Miner will also meet your needs. Thanks to its Blogger Poster, you can post content to many Blogger blogs of the same or different accounts at once, unlike other tools which only do that for a blog at a time. Imagine posting to more than 100 blogs with a single click, thanks to mul hread feature of Blogger Poster.

Just add a Google account and the ociated Blogger blogs will be automatically displayed for posting.

Simple Content Mixer creates a new article by using sentences or paragraphs of uploaded text files. You can move the sentences/paragraphs the way yu like, and you will have a new article.

Metadata Sc r is another tool for SEO projects. Would you like to know the keywords of any web page of your compe ors? Do you just need the meta data of selected web pages for any online strategy? If so, this metadata sc r tool will help you. After sc , the results are exported in CSV format.

Link Creator is another powerful addon which automatically creates links for backlink purposes using imported URLs and keywords. It can use the keywords for every URL or use one keyword for each URL. The choice is yours!

Within seconds, Link Inserter helps you to insert links in any part of your article for backlink or indexing purposes. It has an option that allows you to determine the number of links to be inserted in each article, and whether or not you want to use stop words.

With Keyword Inserter, you can cleverly insert keywords in any part of an article, which could randomly, be at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of each article. Another option is to use keyword density in determining the… Go to store

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