Media Traffic Meltdown :: Server Crushing Traffic Tactics

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Media Traffic Meltdown :: Server Crushing Traffic Tactics

Forget about PPC, Google, Yahoo, MSN, SEO, and CPV. You’re about to discover how to make enormous income online with m ive loads of server crushing traffic starting TODAY!

And Perhaps The Best Part – You Can Bring M ive Windfalls Of Traffic And Cash Sales With Less Than 30 Minutes A Day And You Don’t Need A Product, A List, A Website, JV Buddies Or Any Previous Experience Whatsoever!

These Tactics Are SOOO Powerful And Fast That They Get Us More Traffic And Make Us More Money In A Single Month Than We Used To Make In Years (yes, years plural!)

Finally, there is one very real, very simple system for creating unstoppable streams of website traffic and making life changing income online. In fact, once you finish this letter, your life will be changed for good.

What we’re about to share with you is the real deal. It’s a hyper-potent system that when used correctly will bring in wave after wave after wave of targeted website visitors – and of course – fast incredible cash sales.

If you want to make money online… or make more money online… then we can tell you from firsthand experience, this system is designed for YOU. And the beauty is that even if you have never gotten a single website visitor before… even if you have never made a cent online before… with just 30 minutes a day you could be making more money next week than you made all of last year.

Yes, this is THAT powerful. Imagine flipping a switch and IMMEDIATLEY unleashing tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands of visitors to YOUR website – and then imagine if only 1% of those visitors bought what you were selling.

We’re no math wizards, but even with a low conversion rate like 1%… and even if you were only selling something for a low price of like $27… if you put 10,000 people on your site that would be $2700… A DAY!

And that’s only 10,000 visitors with a low conversion rate and a low price point. We’re about to show you how to do a LOT more, every single day! And nobody is talking about this… only an elite group of super affiliates even know about this right now. In fact, we probably never would have known about this ourselves if we hadn’t been forced into it.

We Got A **Shocking** Email From Google In Which They Basically Told Us To Screw Off And That They Didn’t Want Our Business Ever Again!

This is the actual email that changed the way we do business – and looking back at it now – it’s the BEST email we’ve ever received. Hell we eventually printed and framed this thing!

One day last year I woke up feeling great – had plenty of sleep – the sun was shining and there a pleasantly cool crisp feel to the morning. I’m a bit of an oddball and love Fall weather.

So, I popped out of bed and grabbed my morning cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee with a splash of creamer.

Once I got to my desk and I fired up my PC to check my emails – my at ude changed very quickly. You see, as I scanned the subject lines in my inbox to check for important emails…

My Heart Sank As I Thought About What Was Going To Happen To My Business With No Website Traffic – ‘Cuz No Traffic Means No Money!

I probably stared at that damn email from Google for like 3 hours — dumbfounded, shocked, and wondering what the hell I was gonna do now.

I mean – I was finally able to get my AdWords campaigns profitable and found it incredibly enjoyable to spend $50 and make back $200 every time, making Google my own personal ATM.

And why was I was banned? Well, like tens of thousands of other people, I was an affiliate and they didn’t like my landing pages promoting other people’s offers.

Just a cold, calculating, arbitrary and anonymous Google email that banned me from AdWords for life.

So, after my initial shock wore off I started searching desperately for a steady traffic system to replace my PPC income that had just evaporated overnight – and I do mean OVERNIGHT.

The Next 8 Months Helped Me To Realize That I Had Been Using AdWords Because All The Other Commonly Used Traffic Methods Really Suck!

For 8 LONG, grueling, painful months after that email from Google I tried all the commonly used traffic methods to see if I could recapture and reclaim the success I was having…

First I tried SEO. For about 4 months I dug in the trenches, rolled my sleeves up, and got down and dirty – I actually managed to get ranked for a few of my ‘money’ keywords.

You might think… Go to store

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