Michele’s Secret Book Writing Course

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Michele's Secret Book Writing Course

Welcome to your new journey as a Successful as a Creative Writer. Not too many people know that writing a book can be easy and accomplished in 3-30 days. Most see book writing as this long ardous process which can take years to complete. This true only if you use the old method of writing a book. That’s why I’m excited to share this fun and exciting method with you that can have you write your book faster than you can imagine.

Even if you have this course simply to become better with marketing and blog writing, my prayer is that there may be an increase of inspiration, abundance and joy into your wonderful life and that all of your life experiences be harmonious, happy and prosperous.

Most authors irrespective of whether they are new to writing or have written books previously begin by looking at a blank page. With Michele’s Secret Formula you have no time to even think about a blank page.

Ideas and topics will flow out from your marvelous mind. Everyone who has ever gone through Michele’s course wether at a live seminar of through this video course finds ideas just flowing out of them like magic.

This course is designed with videos, pdfs, and teleconferences. The people who were on these teleconferences paid hundreds of dollars to participate so you can see that they are of great value. Many of these people have now very successful books and two have HUGE best sellers! I think you will find the information invaluable and will save you huge amounts of time and money.

I do not say this lightly. If anyone had taken courses on any one of these topics it would have taken them years and a small fortune to cover all the profoundly important VITAL information that is covered in detail with this amazing course.

IF you go through this course with a desire and uplifted vision, work and follow the easy instructions YOU WILL sky rocket in your finances and writing business/career. THEN you can take it easier (if you choose to) because you will have the financial power of success from your diligent work ethic and enthusiasm for your life’s purpose.

There are many details that have taken years to aculate and if you are not aware can be a frustrating process for you. For example, when you do go to write your book or your audio program, DVD series, or wver it is that your product will be, you’ll need to know about ISBN numbers and how to get them inexpensively and lots of little details that took up so much of my time in research over many years. So my years of experience in different businesses, including seminars, rock’n’roll, running a publishing company, being self-published, networking, marketing, publicity, TV shows and more, will be available to you in these MP3’s and in some of this book.

Video Series Michele’s Secret Formula Book Writing Course (How to Write a Book in 3-30 Days)

This is an exercise of creativity, you will not be thinking about the content or the length of your book. Finding your area of expertise and do this quickly)

I’m going to share with you on how to write a book, IS so SIMPLE. It came to me back when I wrote my first book, as I could not type. I just find it so EASY to write a book or an audio program this way.

Storyboard all your characters. What type of characters they are, their characteristics, what type of personalities and looks? Allow the story to take on its own vision and flow. Go to store

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