The Money Steward

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The Money Steward

This product is a Biblical training in sound financial principles but also including, Internet traffic, blogging, earning huge daily cash flow, building wealth now, online, out of debt insights, Kingdom mysteries on money found in the parables of Jesus in the gospels, and financial tips with audios, videos, articles, and e-books.

I will show you how to follow me and duplicate me in huge money projects that you can begin today for no cost, and I show you hundreds of places to advertise free of charge and to get mega traffic! I show you my personal blogging techniques that will allow you to offer my product here and get daily income too!

Out of Debt, Kingdom Giving, Marketing Online, Biblical Parables Explained, Investments, Real Estate Ownership, Economic Forecasts and Prophetic Words, Spiritual Insights About Wealth, Salesmanship, Influence, Character, Bible Stories that Are Significant to Stewardship, America’s Financial Issues, Political Insights, Economic Survival Ideas and Techniques, Bartering, Gold and Silver Insights, Hedging Yourself Against a Collapse, Divine Revelation About the True Riches Jesus Spoke Of, Receiving Financial Miracles and Miracles of Supply, Tools and Charts and Calculators, and Much, Much More!

I have been working online since the mid 1990′s and have learned quite a bit. I also teach the Word of God and have am ed quite a bit of understanding and revelation about God’s Kingdom and Kingdom finances. But make sure I know that God gets all the glory for w ver He has shown me and led me to do. My heart is to help people be built up and to grow in financial maturity and be able to be used of God to finance His Kingdom. A wise man once said, "Biblical prosperity is having enough supply from God to do everything He has told you to do in your destiny." That comment right there is an example of the richness of our teachings and how we with God’s help can help to equip you to be a financial leader in His Kingdom.

As well as you being able to resell this product, I will show you how to earn daily income while starting for free, and build to hundreds daily using techniques you learn right here at The Money Steward!

We will show you how to set yourself up in case of financial collapse, hoping it never happens, but being a steward as Joseph was for uncertain events that may happen.

We will show you what valuable unique metal coins you can collect now to barter later if that need ever arises! Get the coins now any day of the week at no cost to you and make $$ on investment once you have it in hand.

We will also show you ways to get silver and gold and other metals to hedge you and your savings, and we have the poor man’s way to get precious metals too.

Joseph is a great example of a good steward in God’s Kingdom. Look how God prospered him in his life. Joseph knew his God and honored Him, and Joseph was promoted and elevated above men and brought out of the most dire of cir stances. Joseph worked hard, and he was loyal, and he was moral. Joseph was also a visionary, seeing things in dreams and not being afraid to imagine and dream about his own life and future. All of these qualities were ones that God could use. Joseph the "money steward" ended up quite wealthy and wanted for nothing ever again in his life.

My wife Debbie and I are very excited to produce this teaching product for you. You hear from both of us, and we have very basic principles and advanced ones as well. In the more advanced Biblical training on how to be a financial steward, we share cutting edge revelation to walk with God where finances are concerned by visiting a few parables of Jesus. Then, we show you how to set up a prudent investment system and also how to diversify in precious metals and tips to begin that in a small way. Debbie and I have an evangelistic teaching ministry called White Fields Ministries. We minister to the Body of Christ with healing, addiction recovery, and inner healing, you can check out our website at this location.

Included in this price is the novel in PDF format by me, Greg Nichols, called Hungry Nation. This is a $16.00 value.

We pay you 75% of the price through Clickbank’s processing system, and they pay you a check every 2 weeks, or by Direct deposit weekly. Imagine you affiliating on an Internet product that helps people learn how to improve their finances and learn more from the Bible about money. You get your own product link to this website right here as our… Go to store

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