Private Niche Empire – Work From Home – How To Make Money Online

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Private Niche Empire - Work From Home - How To Make Money Online

Hi Ellery, I just want to say your quick responses have really impressed me & I can see how much you care for your clients, thank you!! Many thanks Bonnie Forbes ***************** Thank you Ellery, support like yours is rare and valuable! There has never been a time that you did not answer one of my many questions. You are always there and I can depend on you for a quick response, sometimes even multiple times in one day. I always look forward to my next batch of PNE websites, I can highly recommend your services to anyone! All I can say is THANK YOU!

Dear Colleague, What if you could byp all the hurdles you normally struggle with when creating your websites? Imagine having everything you need to dominate niche markets and make money online handed to you on a silver platter. Do you fully comprehend the cash attracting magic of what that means?

If you’ve ever wanted to work from home and tried to set up a niche information site that will get traffic and make money online, or have even contemplated it, you’ll undoubtedly also agree that it can easily take days to get each one going, right?

Each time you decide to create a new “money” site or even ponder building one, which chunk of the work do you struggle with the most?

How much would it cost you to outsource all the tasks in the list above to get a money making site online?

How much would you be willing to pay for a ready-to-load turnkey money-making VRE niche site? How about two of those content rich sites each month with ten 550 to 800 word articles each? Y ou’ll have very talented writers composing the content for your sites. You’ll never get those third grade level articles with lousy grammar that are found on most private label article sites. Nor will you receive articles that are phrased in a way that makes it obvious they were written by someone whose primary language is not English.

You’ll receive 22 unique articles (each with between 550 and 800 words of in-depth content) every month that are unique for each member – so you won’t be competing with anyone else. It took two years of tests and expensive trial and error to find you writers of this caliber.

An outgoing RSS feed that automatically and randomly pings the search engines with new content.

Comprehensive research done to target the least compe ive, most profitable keywords.

These are turnkey, ready to go sites you only have to upload, that start working for you and earning money immediately.

“I have found nothing else to compare…” – Andrew

Dear Ellery, Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the excellent products at Private Niche Empire and especially for the superlative support you have given me. I have cancelled my other niche website memberships as they are just too complicated to set up with poor instructions, but yours are crisp and clean and a breeze to set up. I have found nothing else to compare to the exclusiveness that Private Niche Empire delivers. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Kind Regards, Andrew Pearson

Private Niche Empire absolutely ROCKS!! I have never been so tickled pink with something…

Let’s take the example ‘starting a business’ as a good keyword that is searched on approximately 12,210 times a month. Just look at the difference in these two similar keyword phrases related to it: (If this is at all confusing, don’t worry. Remember, we do this all for you.) 1. Google reveals the keyword ‘how to start a house cleaning business’ has 375,000 competing pages. 2. Google reveals the keyword ‘starting a house cleaning business’ has 460,000 competing pages. These are obviously very similar phrases. So which one makes more sense to target? In-depth research shows that the first phrase really has only 700 competing pages that have that phrase in the Title tag and at least one outside link to the page using that keyword as the anchor text. However, the second phrase which at first glance seems MORE compe ive, has NO competing pages that will target it like we will that use the phrase in the Title tag and have at least one outside link to the page using that keyword as the anchor text. That’s right, NO compe ion for that phrase (at least as of this writing. It will probably change once this page is made public). The second phrase almost certainly will make you far more money because it has far fewer competing pages that are targeting that keyword. Guess which one we would have an article written about if we were to target that niche?

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