Infusionsoft ClickBank Integration – Part 1 – Marketing Mavens

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Infusionsoft ClickBank Integration - Part 1 - Marketing Mavens

Here’s how it all started… While attending InfusionCon 2011, we had numerous clients (Infusionsoft users) approach us, asking for an integration with ClickBank. We connected with the rep manning the ClickBank booth to get his thoughts and impressions on the customer overlap, meaning business owners who used both Infusionsoft and ClickBank. He thought the audience was significant, hence their presence at InfusionCon. We returned to our office after the event and started our research. We spec’d out what we thought would be a great integration for a client who was willing to pay for the development. That client ended up going with a traditional merchant account instead of using ClickBank and we ended up post-poning the project.

But clients kept asking for an integration… Months later, we had a booth at the Continuity Summit, an event hosted by our client Ryan Lee who helps entrepreneurs build businesses around recurring revenue. ClickBank had a booth right next to us. So again, we circled the idea of creating a bridge between Infusionsoft and ClickBank. Long story short, we got busy on other initiatives and didn’t start the programming.

More time p ed and another client asked us to help him integrate ClickBank with Infusionsoft. This time around we decided to make the integration a top priority. The end result has been nothing short of amazing. Upon completion, we had the client configure the plug-in with out giving him any instructions. We watched his screen anxiously. With in minutes he had it all figured out, even though our members area was still missing the “how to set up” videos. He couldn’t believe how intuitive it was to sync the two systems.

So what does “Maven CB” do exactly? Here’s how the first ever Maven CB user utilizes it. He sells products via ClickBank. On each transaction, customer contact data is sent to his Infusionsoft application. If a person record with that email address exists, the record is updated. If there is no person record with that email address, a new one is created. In addition to standard contact information, order information including are p ed into his Infusionsoft account, tied to the person record. For each ClickBank product, he has specified a unique action set to run for the following cir stances: Successful Purchase (one-time or first subscription charge), Rebill (subscription), Canceled or Failed Rebill, Refund, Charge back.

So what is the cost? We told the client that we completely productized the integration instead of just providing him a hacked up script he needed to upload to his server and reprogram every time he creates a new product. First he thanked us for the intuitive GUI, then his immediate question was, “can I be an affiliate? I know a handful of Infusionsoft users who need this right now.” Of course we said yes, and our next question to him was, “how much do you think we should charge for this?” His response, “definitely $97/mo, maybe $67/mo if you guys wanted to be really nice.” Well, we’re feeling extremely nice because we’re not even going to charge that, even though previous ClickBank/Infusionsoft inquirers have offered to pay that amount in the past.

How do I get my hands on this plugin? Well, we were going to wait until InfusionCon to release this plug-in since that’s where it all started, but instead, we’re doing a soft launch this coming Monday. Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the benefits of selling products via ClickBank and the best way to get started.

After reading your post I looked at clickbank.com. Can’t say I understand what they do exactly. Sounds like lots of parties are involved. Confession…I’m a noob.

Shiver me timbers! Ne’r thought I’d see the day. Let me know when the booty is ready to be plundered!

Tom, don’t worry, I’ll explain ClickBank more in my next post. David, as for you, your comment made my night. I almost marked you as spam but then I recognized the domain. You old scallywag!

I remember asking you about this a year ago…wish you would have developed it then but hey, better late than never!

This rocks. This is going to to be huge for so many reasons. Infusionsoft users will be able to tap into a ready-made pool of affiliates instantly. And now Clickbank users will have a no-brainer choice for what they use for managing their business – Infusionsoft.

Most clickbank users have systems that are duct-taped together (i.e. thanks for your purchase, now please fill out ANOTHER form so that I can find out who you are and hope to stay in touch with you).

I think you… Go to store

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