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Get 30+ Direct Referrals a day for NEOBUX, CLIXSENSE,GOLDENCLIX,TWICKERZ,SCARLET-CLICKS,EKOCLIX or any other PTC site without spending a single penny! Earn $2000+ / month on your PTC site! over 14 000 satisfied customers!

Hello, and welcome to our page. Just that you are here, you have made huge step forward in your online PTC business. We will teach you everything you need to know to earn online. Who we are? We are team of experts working online since 2009. We have helped thousands of people around the world to finally start earning using PTC sites!

You are listening to the wrong people! Don’t just listen everyone out there telling you how to earn, how to get direct referrals, all of them are amaters trying to earn some money! They will teach you methods that you already know! So what can you find in these PTC GUIDES/STRATEGIES that other "gurus" are selling? What other strategy sellers are selling and why it doesn’t work? 1. They teach you how to manage rented referrals 2. Advertise banner or link on some other PTC sites or adhitz! -First, do you really need to pay a PTC guide to show you how to do this? -Second, you will get few direct referrals this way but 80% of them will never make a click, and rest of them will quit after few days! Why? Because you don’t connect with this people, to give them materials to work, give them instruction. They need a mentor to guide them and teach them. Advertising like this you don’t even know who your direct referrals are. -Third, If you spend 10$ you will get 2-3 direct referrals, and that is waste of money.. Even if that 2-3 direct referrals work for 3 months you still won’t get your 10$ back! 3. Go to traffic exchange or downline builders! -We have spend so many days doing this and we had never get at least one direct referral! We only get 3-4 direct referrals from downline builders in 5 months! 4. Call your relatives call your facebook friends… – None of this really works. 5. Purchase direct referrals (SCAM) – No one can sell you direct referrals, this sites are scams! They will never deliver your direct referrals, or if they deliver, that direct referrals are not real! One person using many private networks will create accounts as much as you need. So they will deliver you for ex. 50 direct referrals ( one person will open 50 accounts using private networks ( this private networks will give you as many ip addresses as you want) after that will click the ads) , next day none of these direct referrals will work anymore! So don’t believe on these scams!

Yes it does! Methods in Universal PTC guide are unique and will work on any PTC site or any other program where you need DR! Just to prove that it will work on any site, we’ve join other PTC sites and test our guide. This are results from day one :

Yes you can, but you need to know how! There are few secrets and tricks that you need to know about rented referrals in order to earn with them! It is not that easy, It is not just rent and recycle and extend! Universal PTC guide will teach you, step by step how to make profit with rented referrals, how to recognize profitable referrals, how to recognize PTC sites with profitable referrals!

(MUST JOIN) Number 1 is Mousebux , new site but from trusted owner! Much much better earning potential then neobux. Instant payment! 50+ Ads per day, unlimited direct referrals even in standard membership! Many earning ways !

Buxvertise, stable with trusted owners! This PTC site will last for many years! High referral earnings up to 0.06$ !Cheap memberships and very profitable Rented Referrals!

BUXP one and only! There are so many ways to earn on this sites: clicking ads, watching youtube, vimeo videos, liking videos, commenting on videos, like facebook pages, follow on tweeter.. Only if you purchase premium membership on this site you could earn 15-30$ without direct referrals! When you are premium you have 50+ ads to click, many videos to watch, 50+ youtube task.. and the best part is that when you are premium you earn double from all this things!

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