Rapid Cash Marketing Resell Rights Offer – Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts

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Rapid Cash Marketing Resell Rights Offer - Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts

If you are tired of struggling to earn money online, and don’t mind putting in a little effort we have a system designed to help you earn money when you need it, and also help you earn while you are learning to how to run a sustainable online business.

Over the next few minutes I want to introduce you to our unique system that we refer to as our earn while you learn system.

This offer is for anyone interested in adding additional income streams to your business. Whether you are new online or a seasoned expert, you will find some cool surprises awaiting you on this page!

So our point is that there are people going to the search engines for this type of information. That makes the resell rights extremely valuable.

We understand that finances can catch up to you, so we set out to create a top tier training course that gives people a detailed plan when they need it most. This is our Rapid Cash Marketing system.

I am Paul Counts (above with Mickey and Minnie) and I am here with Jeff Wellman. Most of you reading this page probably know who we are, but for those who don’t know us, we’re going to take just a minute to give you some very quick background information.

Since 2007 Jeff has been successfully marketing online and teaming up with several other top marketers where he has been successfully coaching and mentoring and helping others reach their dreams of being successful in starting up their own home online business.

Jeff has spoken many times across the country at many elite marketing events sharing his vast knowledge of home business start up and helping you discover the proper positive at ude and mindset that holds so many people back from reaching their dreams.

Jeff prides himself as being dedicated most to helping those who are brand new to the internet and find themselves in a similar position as he once was in life where he was struggling just to get by day after day until the day his son Keith wellman stepped up to the plate and showed his Dad how he could use the internet to take control over his financial life.

Jeff is very active in his local Church where he is a worship Pastor and also the children’s Pastor. He is amazed at what God has allowed him to do through his ministry working with the kids. Through his successful online business he is able to fund the entire Children’s program at the Church allowing them to do many of the things they used to only dream about doing with the children’s program.

Jeff also served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years where he was the Non Commissioned Officer in charge of a silent drill team.

Jeff enjoys life and thanks God for the amazing life that he has and he wants to help you find the financial freedom that he enjoys today by helping you discover that an online home business is as possible for you as it is for his.

Business is not anything I was grown into. I grew up with two awesome parents that work as educators. My Dad is a retired music teacher, and my Mom is an aide at the school. They just taught me the value of hard work and persistence to get what you want.

I actually started my business and grew it into a full time income using the same methods we provide in our training here.

You may have heard my voice and Jeff’s in a number of training videos online. We have created hundreds of training tutorials, and thousands of slides for our trainings. My Internet business has blessed me the freedom to spend a lot of time with his family.

We take a lot of mini vacations and road trips because we enjoy it. In fact friends of ours when we lived in Oklahoma used to ask us why we even had a house in Oklahoma because we were gone all the time.

We recently went to Disneyland and took my niece and nephew, and mother-in-law with us. My wife, kids, and I enjoyed it so much that we became annual p holders for Disneyland! So we have several more trips planned to that area over the coming year.

Probably the most rewarding part of having a successful business is it gives us a chance to give back to others in need without hesitation, and we look forward to getting more involved in a church up here in the Northwest.

You will find Jeff and I are p ionate about teaching others to be successful online. Our philosophy is that if you succeed, we succeed as well.

We understand it can… Go to store

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