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Eclipse Link Cloaker

"For folks creating multiple affiliate sites or who want better internal promotion of their affiliate links (…) on their well trafficked blogs, I’d definitely save myself time and aggravation by going with Eclipse."

"If you’re looking to generate high volume of links quickly and easily, with a minimum of effort I definitely recommend getting Eclipse."

"If you do any affiliate marketing or plan to in the future, you definitely need a good link cloaker (…). There really is no free alternative so if you don’t already have a premium link cloaker, I’d take a good look at [Eclipse Link Cloaker]."

"Through the use of Eclipse Cloaker you’ll be able to avoid losing commissions by creating cloaked links to cover up your affiliate links. (…). Some visitors may not trust affiliate links especially if they realize the site owner will probably be reaping helpful benefits if the customer buys something through the link."

"Considering that you can make some more money back through its own affiliate program (via ClickBank), Eclipse Link Cloaker is a solid tool to include as part of your overall Internet marketing strategy."

Increase click rates and prevent lost commissions by masking your ugly affiliate links into short & elegant cloaked links.

Increase clicks and conversions to boost your earnings on autopilot thanks to Keyword-Based Auto-Linking.

Tired of creating cloaked links manually? ELC takes care of all your links and converts them automatically into beautiful cloaked links.

Use keyword auto-linking to present your visitor and search engines more relevant content and improve Google Rankings.

If you are not satisfied 100% with the product or have an issue we are unable to solve, you will get a 100% refund of your money within 60 days of your original purchase. Guaranteed!

Say goodbye to manual link creation. Just install Eclipse Link Cloaker and it will automatically cloak any external links on-the-fly while loading the page.

You decide where links should be cloaked. Choose Posts, Pages and all other elements of your website to be cloaked.

Use a plain redirect, show the cloaked link inside a frame, redirect while hiding your referrer information and much more give you full control of your affiliate links.

ign one or more keywords to any cloaked link, and the plugin will automatically scan your blog for those keywords and turn them into links. You can use it for OnPage SEO as well.

Use the powerful Google ytics integration to track clicks and conversions of your cloaked links. As a fall-back, Eclipse Cloaker also includes a basic built-in click tracker.

Make all cloaked links open in a new window, add rel=”nofollow” to stop search engines from following your cloaked links, or change the cloaked URL with just a few clicks.

Manage all your cloaked links in the user-friendly ELC Link Manager. With a few clicks you can adjust name and URL of every link or append custom HTML code for advanced use-cases.

To cloak a link with ELC you simply add hyperlinks in your editor as usual. ELC does the rest and converts the link on the fly when a page of your website is loaded.

ELC does not modify your content at all, but converts all found hyperlinks efficiently on the fly when a user loads your page. By this you don’t have to worry about breaking your content. In addition not only links in a post or page will be cloaked, but all over the page – like in the header, sidebar, footer, etc…

Not at all! In fact Google uses link cloaking itself in it’s Search. Try to search something in Google and copy the link of the first search result. When you paste it into your browser, you will see a long URL which starts with Google’s domain name. Go to store

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