White Label, Custom Printing!

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White Label, Custom Printing!

Our system taps right into … and will leverage the 6 year old, custom print industry’s leading platform which incorporates stores, online designer, quote systems, customer management, product management, marketing management and so much more!

In case you are not aware named products sell extremely well. In fact some of the biggest campaigns run via Facebook have been achieved when offering named products.

However, this all stopped when facebook objected and blocked marketers from targeting prospects by their name.

What the following video shows effectively gets round this as now a broader campaign can be conducted and the customer can easily add or edit their name within the product being sold.

And this is not exclusively for facebook marketing. So whether you advertise on facebook or not, I strongly recommend you utilise this feature within your white label stores as it brings multiple options for allowing the customization of any custom printed product.

The intuitive setup wizard takes you through the initial setup such as choosing a template and color scheme and the adding of your call to action images, brand and logo.

If you don’t have a brand or logo prepared, don’t worry simply fill out a field and the site is instantly populated with your brand name and tag line.

When you are ready for more customization we have everything covered … with easy to follow PDF training guides and videos along with direct contact with technical support, your printer and our central training and support hub.

I can honestly say that now that we have over 600 people on board the call on support has been minimal, simply because the system is intuitive, easy to use and  when it comes to support we have it covered.

But we also know its important that you get all of your questions answered and discover every aspect of the platform so that you can really leverage the power of what is available.

Don’t worry if you are not from those countries you can still join in … its more of a time zone issue than anything else, so as long as you can attend at a time which suits you please come along.

It takes time and effort to establish your brand, so when setting up in business, its important you choose your suppliers and partners wisely.

This is why we have partnered with the decoration industry’s (custom print industry) leading platform.

Our solution sits on a rock solid business model established over six years of investment and development. It is used by thousands of real printers around the world. You may have used it already … without knowing it … if you have bought printed apparel online.

This combination means you can confidently build a strong, successful, white label custom print business knowing that the infrastructure supporting it won’t erode or dissipate.

And most importantly the infrastructure supporting your business will continue to be developed for the long term.

It’s important to appreciate these facts; since mid 2013 this industry has seen m ive growth, and very soon software developers will appear on the scene trying to emulate what we have put together.

They may have a nice sales page and offer lots of fancy bells and whistles, but will they still be here in 6 months, 6 years or 16 years to further develop their solution ensuring you can deliver what your demanding customers want and expect?

The fact remains you simply cannot duplicate this system or platform in a few weeks or even a few months of programming.

Once the customer orders our printer’s team of dedicated customer care and print specialists ensure quick turn around and quality print every time.

We also go the extra mile by branding customer email notifications with your business name or brand … and of course website address so they know where to go for follow up orders!

YOUR brand, company name, company address, telephone and website address are auto included on customer invoices at no additional cost … all part of the comprehensive white label business setup!

When you want to be paid you simply check the commissions due report and request a payment by PayPal or bank transfer for larger payments to save on PayPal fees.

Payments become due on shipment to the customer so you can expect to make a payment request 7 to 10 days after each customers order.

You are probably reading this page for the very same reason I set this up in the first place … having experienced the m ive earning potential surrounding crowd funded custom printing this also highlighted many short comings … such as:

Don’t get me wrong, crowd funded sales are a great way to make money and deliver low cost custom printed apparel, but its simply not the only way to… Go to store

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