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I have created and sold tools that help people achieve a specific goal, I have created and sold training from beginner to advanced on how to put together a full profitable online business, but never did bother with making a "make money" type of product.

The reason I didn’t was simple. I can’t guess what anyone’s skill level is, what their proficiency level is, what their work ethics are, what their budget limitations might be… And the list goes on and on.

I had worked until about 3 a.m. and went to bed. Everything was fine and I had had an extremely productive day.

About noon the next day I went back into my office excited to keep my momentum going and knock another big chunk of my project out.

A little thunderstorm had rolled through and lightening had hit the phone lines (I use DSL).

The power surge went through the phone line into the DSL modem, traveled down the cat5 cable and basically zapped the daylights out of my computer.

So there I was… A completely fried computer. I’m pretty well versed on computers so I knew what steps I needed to take in order to find all damaged parts and replace them.

The problem however was 2-fold. Not only did I have to get parts (4 hour round trip per occurrence) but it also took me an entire week to get the machine operable again, and another 2 days to get all of my programs and files recovered.

So once I finally had everything back up and running again, I resolved to never let anything like that happen to me again.

I make great money on the net, I live a wonderful life and can’t imagine living any other way, yet I had dropped the ball completely in terms of protecting my business from natural disaster.

So I decided to go with complete overkill… I added 3 more internal hard drives to my machine, and 2 external hard drives.

I fixed it so that the primary hard drive is mirrored by 2 other internal drives in real-time (a raid setup), and the 3rd internal drive is used for daily standard backups.

For the 2 external drives, 1 is used for real-time file backups, and the other basically mirrors the internal drive that holds daily backups.

So there I was… Complete protection. If anything happens now, it’s just a matter of plugging in one of the other drives to carry on business as usual.

I was so pleased with what I had accomplished so I decided to create the same level of protection for my dedicated web server… It added quite a lot to my monthly cost, but then I’ll never have to worry about losing my stuff again.

What I had done here was basically setup my personal computer as well as my server to be constantly backed up and synced in real time at all times.

It really started getting exciting at this point. I had just taken backups and real-time synced mirroring to a whole new level.

Think about it. If you have the exact same business model as I have, and I’m making a fulltime income from it, then it stands to reason that the same would be true for you. Right?

Online businesses are not static things. You don’t just put it together and then you’re done. Not if you want to really make a career of it.

Your business has to continually evolve in order to continually thrive in an ever changing fast moving marketplace.

Sure, you might (might being the operative term) be able to upload it and make all of the needed modifications, and it would make you a little money for a little while.

But there again… The market is still moving and if you don’t have the skill set to keep up, then you get left behind and the business becomes useless and outdated, which also means the money dries up.

What I mean is – If I change something in my business in order to expand it’s income, or if I modify some element in order to increase it’s conversion, or I change out some product I’m promoting, then in real time your copy of my business would need to reflect those exact same changes so that you are still running my exact business model instead of an outdated business model.

If in my own business, I just have to send traffic to it and I make a full time income, then it seems reasonable that if you sent the exact same kind of traffic to your business, then you would get pretty much the same results that I get… Understand?

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