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If so, you need to understand it’s not your fault. You’re probably suffering from information overload, and we can help!

The secret to riding a bike is not learning the 10 steps to riding a bike. It’s not having a expert bike rider motivating you to ride…

We take a different approach. While the others give you information and software/coaching what we do is completely different.

If you’d like us to give you a customized 30 Day Shortcut blueprint, then click on the "Apply For The 30 Day Shortcut" on below.

Summary of my first 3 mailings; 964 clicks, 15 opt-ins and 1 sale! Russell, you and your program rock!! Congratulations to everyone out there in DCSX Land! Keep going, keep sharing and keep celebrating!! This works!!

Today: just made a sell! And got 4 upsells! I have also reached my goal of 400 subs!! Just got subscriber number 400! Keep it guys!!! The more you push it the more you will get!

Day 4: 1 free solo, 1 paid solo.about 69 opt ins, mostly from paid solo, and 6 sales. Good results so far I’d day!

End of my first month and have 560 people added to my list…If I work it right that should be $560pm to me…..I plan on tripling that number in my second month…

So over 800 clicks now, 47 optins, 1 sale, and a 500 click paid solo going out today. The best success has been from The 1 other paid solo ad where I or my sale and all my optins from a 250 paid solo ad. 20% optin rate, of those -20% order page to buy ratio. Hopefully his next solo ad will generate 100 optins and 2 more sales which could cover my costs as well…1 upsell would not go amiss either! Here’s to all our success!

Day 4. 17 opt-ins ( not all confirmed yet), 800 clicks and 1 $1 sale from free solo ads only. This stuff works. Even from Sweden! :-)

Wow made my first sale evr online yesterday after 2 years of trying stuff, only 14$ but enuff to see that something works :) one question, I’m getting traffick but not many optins, 139 clicks from paid solo ads and about 400 clicks from free ads so far and only 15 optins? is this normal or am i doing something wrong with my squeezepage maybe?

Good morning and I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday, I checked my account this morning and did very well. I had 3 sale and 22 subscribers. The program does work but you have to put your best foot forward. Thanks Russell and the Dotcomsecrets X family!!!

So I’m entering day 4. My solo ad guy, and I played Skype tag a couple of times, but I finally was able to get him my swipe copy. He is going to run the ad tomorrow, but so far I already have 48 clicks 14 opt ins and 3 sales with 1 OTO sell. Thanks Russell. Can’t wait til these 30 days are over to see what kind of list and income I’ll have!

Hi guys, I am posting this reminder to let you know that this system works. I signed up for the coaching program on March the 19th. I made my first money online ever on March 30, 2012 in the amount of $72.49; and as of this morning my list has grown to 200 subscribers. All using solo ads. Remember, I am doing this part time…I hope my testimony will encourage someone. I have been trying ha….

My very first solo ad is running as we speak. I bought 250 clicks for $75. As of right now, I have received 48 clicks and got 10 opt-ins already. Hopefully they will keep on coming! I gotta say solo ads are worth the investment over the free stuff.

Day 16: 222 $1 sales so far with only 9 refunds, plus 9 upsells resulting in $1,334.36 instant commissions – I’m very happy, this program really works :)

On Day 4 now. Purchased my solo ad, and now waiting to provide the copy to the advertiser. Great news, I already have 2 sales and 1 OTO sell, and I haven’t even submitted my copy for my solo ad yet.

OMG, I am so pumped!!! I ran my first Ad yesterday in ListJoe.com. Got 12 unique clicks and I just looked and got 1 subscriber already. This is encouraging :)

YES!! Guys, I just made my first sale ever.loool. I am living proof that this thing really work. I bought 100 solo ad yesterday after using the free ads for 2 days, I have as at now 44 clicks, 8 opt ins and 1 sale. I am… Go to store

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