The Facebook Millionaire System

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The Facebook Millionaire System

You’re here today because you know that it’s possible to make money online, right? And you’d like to discover if you can grab a piece of the action…

Maybe you’ve heard stories of ‘stay at home moms’, like Mili Ponce, who went from zero to $10,000 a month working just a couple of hours a week from home?

If you’re fed up with selling the best years of your life to the rat race, had enough of rising credit card debt and you want to start making serious money you’re in EXACTLY the right place.

Back in 2000 an 18 year old lad, full of ambition and big ideas called Mark Anastasi first came to the UK from his hometown in Greece, looking for work.

Unsurprisingly, he struggled to get a job. Compe ion was fierce, the country was in a mess and Mark was in a foreign land.

However, he did manage to land himself a position as a security guard, working 12 hours a day guarding a car park in London for minimum wage. Not exactly what he had in mind.

Here’s Mark putting on a brave face in his security guard uniform. A photo worthy of sending home to a proud mother, but Mark was anything but proud. He was depressed. The long hours were taking their toll and at just £3.75 an hour he was barely making enough to cover the bills.

Before he knew what had hit him, Mark was living hand to mouth. He was working himself into exhaustion but it just wasn’t enough.

Mark spiraled into debt. Using credit cards to pay his bills and having nothing left over to feed himself. By the end of 2002 he had to take a second job in telesales that he d.

Back then, selling was not Marks strong point. To hit quota he had to make one sale per day. But he only managed 1 sale in 14 months!

Mark started juggling credit cards, desperately trying to make ends meet. His debt was growing daily and he couldn’t afford to pay his rent. Within 2 months of losing his job the unthinkable happened and he was evicted from his home.

A friend invited him to a seminar… and what he was to learn there would completely change his life.

Mark’s epiphany didn’t come about because of the seminar itself, but a chance encounter with one of the other attendees. A guy called Francis.

During a break, Mark and Francis got chatting and Mark asked what he did for a living. Francis told Mark that he ran an internet business…

That was the moment that Marks life started to change. Something inside of him c . He’d never imagined that it was possible to make this kind of money before and he wanted to know how.

He offered to work for Francis for free in exchange for his secret. But Francis was more than happy to share what he knew. He took Mark under his wing and taught him his simple 4 step system.

Mark became like a sponge. Eagerly absorbing every ounce of wisdom that anybody he spoke to could impart. He attended seminar after seminar looking for ways to enhance what he’d learned.

He managed to do all of this working just a couple of hours a day on his laptop at home, often without even bothering to get dressed!

Marks initial investment was just £250. He bought everything he needed on his credit card and within days of applying the system he’d not only recovered all of his expenses but was already turning a very healthy profit.

In 2007 Mark retired, bought a beautiful home in Cyprus and lived a life of luxury thanks to an internet business that was now practically running itself.

…But he wasn’t completely satisfied. He had a fire burning inside that he just couldn’t ignore. His desire was to give back. It wasn’t enough to know what he knew, he had to share it!

He knew how it felt to struggle, how it felt to live hand to mouth, not knowing where your next meal was going to come from and he couldn’t bare the thought of anybody having to suffer the way he had,.

He started role-playing seminars at home in front of the mirror, where he’d share his secrets to an imaginary audience. Like a ager singing their song into a hairbrush, Mark was fully engaged in his fantasy and loved every second of it.

The ‘seminar’ attendees were one of his friends, a guy called Rory, who had been out of work for 2 years and was struggling to support his family since the birth… Go to store

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