Product Development Control

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Product Development Control

From: John Thornhill and Daniel Sumner Subject: The Secret Product Development System used to Earn Huge Online Income’s

"We don’t need to work that hard to plan our next product as we already have the plan all mapped out!"

When we first started in the internet marketing business, developing products was one of the hardest tasks we could imagine. The whole product structure was so big and confusing it made our heads spin. we were not afraid to admit it! We were ‘in the new guy seat’ and our eyes had been opened to just how hard this new internet marketing business actually can be.

It’s not just a case of throwing an eBook together about a product, system or niche that you think will make you some cash and expect it to do well. It doesn’t work that way. It’s amazing how many guys actually think this does work. The internet marketing business is changing, more and more people are coming online everyday and they all want a piece of your action. It’s time to get bigger and better very quickly! Just like the mad scientist.

The reality of it all is, without prior product planning and development your project is set to fail from the start. Without a structure to follow you increase your chances of missing vital elements of the product development process which can be disastrous to your future product creation efforts.

It’s guaranteed you have seen them before. There are internet website servers all over the world full of bad products. Ok, maybe bad product is the wrong choice of words and we should give guys the benefit of the doubt in not having the help or experience to create a better product. We should also give credit for creating a product in the first place. It takes a lot to make a start. However, what guys fail to notice when creating a product is the flaws their products actually have.

From a development point of view, guys get so wrapped up in their products and what they have achieved that they fail to see the actual flaws all they see is a masterpiece and become blinded by their own creation. Most times it takes an outside opinion to point out such problems as:

The list goes on and the harsh reality actually hits home. And is usually followed by “wow this is harder than I thought”

We have spent a long time developing a killer system which will allow you to create the perfect product time and time again, covering all the angles and leaving no stones unturned.

It’s not a simple case of thinking of an idea, writing it on a few post-it notes. Sure this is possible to do with the right experience and also been done 100’s of times before. We are most certainly guilty of this in the early days, but we have grown and developed a strategy which works, leaves no stone unturned and nothing left on the table. Our knowledge will become your knowledge, you will learn the skills we have learned over the years without any of the pit falls.

All of these items are key to the success of your product and therefore a must when it comes to creating your product. Your ultimate goal is to create an awesome product with zero refunds and amazing feedback!

We Have Worked With the Best and Been Involved in Some Major Product Development Projects. We have had the pleasure to be involved in some major earning websites and programs. Some of these websites which we own and partner include:

These products are just a small portion of the products we have been involved in. All of these websites have ac ulated m ive profits and still continue to do so today. Take a look at the earnings from one of our latest launches from this year alone using the Product Development Control formula.

Not only have we had the pleasure of working on such successful websites as the ones you see above, we have also had the pleasure of working together on some high end internet marketing coaching courses. We have recently worked closely on a m ive $5000 coaching course, creating modules and content structure together.

We want to show you the system we have perfected that will enable you to start researching, planning and executing greater products than ever before. Please allow me to introduce the system you could be using only a few moments from now.

Product Development Control is a 6 module course with over 30 hugely informative video tutorials and audio’s. Each Tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about product development control and creating the perfect products. d

These are just some of things we will… Go to store

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