Kindle Publishing Cash Code

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Kindle Publishing Cash Code

Attention Budding Authors:Want To Make Serious Money Publishing Your eBooks? Then This Is For YOU…..

Dear fellow author… if you’ve been on line for a while you’ll probably be familiar with ebooks. These have generally been based on ‘How To’ subjects and can vary in quality from poor to excellent. But now ebooks have come of age- allowing you to cash in BIG TIME.

But, make no mistake, when ebooks were introduced around the end of the last century they were a revolution…

Because – whilst there were great advantages for the authors of these downloadable digital books… no need to print vast numbers of books before selling a single one… no need for a warehouse to hold the books… no packing and shipping- it wasn’t ideal for the customer, who tended to get the raw end of the deal.

True, they could avoid a trip to a bookstore or a wait for the mail man to deliver their book. Instead, they could see a book on line and be reading it minutes later. But it wasn’t all fine and dandy…

Because you either had to read the book on the computer (not so bad, once laptops became widespread) or you had to print the book out yourself (not too difficult with a short ‘How To’ instructional book, but pretty hard for a whole novel).

Because the quantum leap in ebook publishing has been largely brought about by .com – the world’s largest online retailer and online bookstore, with their revolutionary book-sized Kindle ebook reader.

The customer benefits hugely from the convenience of being able to curl up and read a book anywhere, without the need for a laptop or even a tablet. Nor do they have to mess around with printing and binding up countless sheets of paper.

With the ever-rising costs of book printing and distribution, traditional publishers have increasingly played it safe and only published books from either established authors or by people already well known to the public. That way, their famous name on the cover of a (often ghost-written) book would guarantee a safe level of sales.

As a result it’s almost impossible for an unknown author to be accepted by a traditional publisher. But now the tables have been turned and it’s…

Because between April 2010 and March 2011, she made TWO MILLION DOLLARS in Kindle book sales via .com. By early 2011, she was selling an average of 9,000 books A DAY!

What’s more, with paying up to 70% in royalties compared with the miserly royalties paid by traditional publishers – Amanda has enjoyed a far larger share of the riches than if she had been published the ‘old fashioned’ way!

And, apart from avoiding these obvious negatives of traditional publishing, Kindle publishing also offers:

So just imagine if you too knew how to find your way around ’s instant publishing arm. What would you do with a couple of million dollars am ed in one short year?

Just imagine being able to finally kiss goodbye for good to your financial worries. Never again having to wince when you fill up your car with gas or open that bill from the utility company.

And, imagine being able to buy the car of your dreams. What will it be? A Hummer? A Porsche? Or, perhaps, you’d prefer to be cosseted in the unashamed luxury of a S Cl Mercedes Benz? Either way, you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads as you glide by.

Because I have the full inside track for you on publishing your very own book any type of book – on Kindle.

Kindle Publishing Cash Code is the step-by-step blueprint showing exactly how Amanda Hocking and others have been able to build their super-profitable self-publishing business empires under the safety of ’s umbrella and how you too can now claim your share of this gold rush…

This tell-all guide includes everything you need to get your book written (or even have it written for you) and get started selling it on as fast as humanly possible. Why wait? You want to make serious money with your book – so what’s wrong with getting there faster?

Like 70% of folks (as shown by a recent survey) and want to write for a living, but don’t have a clue about the actual mechanics of bringing your masterpiece to market.

You have some great ideas, but need to know how to get a ghostwriter to actually create it for you…

… then you’ll be delighted with the street smart shortcuts you discover in this brand new program.

This guide starts off with the inspiring story of Amanda Hocking and her $2,000,000 book sales achieved without the aid of a conventional publisher.

Then it goes on… Go to store

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