Rank and Pillage

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Rank and Pillage

Announcing An Affiliate Breakthrough! A new method that fetches consistent commissions and p ive income without manually building sites or writing content…

4) And an almost guaranteed way you can get more accomplished while traveling to exotic locations than sitting at your computer…

Here’s what this is about: My name is Brian G. Johnson and I want to show you some proof, facts, and ideas and then invite you to try our covert methods knowing you are smart enough to…

I’ve had an online income for over ten years and in that time I’ve seen thousands of products. I’ve seen hundreds of "gurus" come and go. I’ve purchased courses from many of them and they’ve ranged from effective to ridiculous.

And I’m telling you this because I’m going to invite you, and challenge you, to put aside any skepticism and try mine and Aidan Booth’s newest conception, thir years in the making.I’m sure you’re wondering…

We’ll get there! I promise. But first you need to know that you’ll see plenty of proof showing our strategies achieving first page rankings, methodically increasing levels of free targeted traffic to websites, and consistently converting those prospects into commissions. We’ll go far and beyond the normal Clickbank screenshots.

You may be wondering why a former chef (me) would partner with a now retired young and "rich" industrial engineer (Aidan).

That’s right. Aidan reaped six figures his first year in off-the-wall niches using the same strategies you’ll see today.

I’ll admit: I’m considered an Internet marketing "guru" and, in kind, I earn a substantial income teaching others how to make a living online. And I’m proud of that fact.

It’s how I first met Aidan when he was doing "okay" with pay-per-click until he purchased Commission Ritual (one of my more famous products). Those teachings rapidly boosted Aidan to $500 per week (which is what he earns in a matter of hours now).

Here’s an example where Aidan earned over $500 selling a toy from . And the site took less than two hours to set up… plus…

What’s crazy is… The guy does this over and over. Here’s another example (this time selling digital products) from a simple site that brings in commissions every month off minimal traffic. Imagine seeing this income flow in, month after month, when it took you less than sixty minutes to build the site!

This may be news to you: But if your visitors are targeted properly, you can make more than decent money with very little traffic. This authority site rakes in $800 per month…

That’s good because we’ll place our SEO blueprints in your hands today. And here’s another surprise: They’ve positioned domain-selling sites high in search enginesand earn a literal fortune (and yes… I spelled my name wrong too). Look:

Just hear me out: This may sound too good to be true, but it has nothing to do with me personally. And no earnings I’ve shown you thus far are the result of having a huge list or guru-grade resources.

You already know this but traffic is one of the most essential elements to online success. And there is plenty to go around. Check out this ytics screenshot that shows 100% free traffic from natural search engine rankings. No PPC. No banner advertising either.

In addition to that, our strategies bring superb quality traffic. These prospects already crave your product and this will do wonders for sales conversion.

And that brings me to another point: You don’t need thousands upon thousands of visitors to fill your bank account. That’s an illusion created by false marketing hype and our natural desire (as humans) for BIG everything.

And equally important: Converting traffic into commissions is the perfect time to build an email list of subscribers (if you want). We highly suggest you do because it ends your dependence on searching engines and seriously…

So…my partner wants to step in a say a few words. Afterwards, I’ll walk you through all eight modules of Rank & Pillage and the premium gifts you’ll get if you act today.

That’s where I live now which is quite a way from the small farm I grew up on in New Zealand. My heart swells at the thoughts of how my life has changed in the last few years.

The profit plans you’ll be exposed to today financed a year-long expedition in 2010 when I traversed almost all of Europe. I sipped red wine in the valleys of Italy. I swam in the turquoise water in the Greek Islands. I sat beneath the ling stars in Paris. I ate fish and chips in London. And my boots crunched the white snow of the French Alps.

Go back four or five years and my life probably resembled… Go to store

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