Niche Website Theme

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Niche Website Theme

Now you can customize the colors, layout, and feel of your site without ever touching a piece of code.  Quickly and easily optimize your site through automatic ad color blending and variation testing.

Niche Website Theme is trusted on over 10045 websites for the unprecedented customization, quick set up and advertising split test functionality.

The Niche Website Theme supports 10 of the most popular and highest converting website layouts for niche websites all in one simple to use theme. You can quickly switch between all the 10 available layouts with the click of a on making set up a breeze.

The Niche Website Theme offers you complete customization of colors by allowing you to select from one of ten pre-designed color schemes. Or you can completely customize the colors used within the theme using a built in color selector – you’ll never need to change the code in theme files again!

In fact, with the Niche Website Theme you can even save individual color elements and save your own custom color theme:

The Niche Website Theme not only allows you to quickly switch between the top ten best converting layouts and completely customize the colors the theme also provides a built in banner management system and split testing engine in one. You won’t need to pay for a high end banner rotating script, simply use the built in for Niche Website Theme!

Comes with the top 10 high converting niche website layouts for maximum conversion rates and provide you a unique look every time.

Comes with the top 10 most popular color combinations so you can quickly choose between great new looks. You can also customize the color of each theme element individually for total color customization.

Each niche layout supports at least 10 or more built in banner ad zones where you can easily insert ad code for the highest conversion ad sizes including; 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 468 x 15, 728 x 15 and more

Automatically rotate up to three different advertising codes for every built in banner ad zone. You can quickly test different color combinations with any advertising provider to quickly determine which adverti ts generated the most money and highest click through rate.

With the Niche Website Theme you regain control of all aspects of your niche website making it easy for you to quickly create your website, change the layout, customize the colors, input social media accounts all with complete control over how you want the website to look.

If you are serious about creating profitable Adsense websites, then this WordPress theme is a MUST for you!

The Niche Website Theme has taken what works the best for Adsense site creation and put it into the theme. This theme is extremely versatile, it looks great, and has many options that each site you create will have it’s own look and feel.

Niche Website Theme ROCKS because of the easy customization, beautiful CSS color theme, and different ad layout to choose from. I love the Ads banner rotation feature the best as I could do split-test and test out which ad format and position perform the best. This is a must-have for building niche sites and I…read the rest

Spencer and Chris are two great guys known for providing EXTREME value to the internet marketing community. This WordPress theme is certainly no exception! After trying a bunch of different themes for my niche sites, I have finally found one that is definitely good enough to stick with!

Working with the niche website theme has been great! For me it takes away several of the unknowns of building niche websites. No longer do I have to spend so much time learning new themes and configuring ad layouts. Now I can have as many layouts as I like and be confident that they will…read the rest

I love this theme!! I’ve been using wordpress for over a year now, and finally found exactly what I have been looking for. The ad layout, the banner layout, the color scheme, I mean, I can easily test out what works for my market with just a click of a on at anytime. Thanks!! Go to store

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