Artist cashin in your artistic skills! Make $2000+ a month doing easy graphic designs jobs!

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Artist cashin in your artistic skills! Make $2000+ a  month doing easy graphic designs jobs!

ATTENTION: Calling all designers! Or just about anyone that owns a pencil, paper, computer and Internet!

Hey, if you’re like me your trying to figure out a way to earn a few bucks. I tried it all, looked everywhere online, searching for that one simple money maker method out there to help me get a little spare change. I would be quite happy with just a few hundred dollars extra a month.

After long hours searching and trying different methods like affiliate marketing, ebay and other stuff… I failed hard! I just had to make something work for me! So, months when on… I kept on looking for something real simple, that I could do to earn money.

One day I just happened to stumble upon some Internet article about making money doing graphic designs. For a guy like me whom has no artistic sense or creativity. This wasn’t for me… I just exited my browser then searched for other ways to make money.

As time p ed… I saw a job from someone wanting a simple illustration of a stick man holding up a sign and that person was willing to pay $10 dollars for it to be completed. I simply got out my pencil and paper. I quickly drawn what they wanted, scanned it, send it. BAM! There was my first dollars online in my paypal account doing graphic design.

Boy, was I happy… I really could not believe it… What I read in that article a few months back was right! this was indeed possible to do!

Sure, I was a bit technical at art in high school. I wasn’t the best at it. I tried and it worked for me! At first I just didn’t believe I could actually pull this off.

So, that’s what I did… I took up these small graphic jobs online. The more I did the more money I made. I first started to see small change come in at first. As I progressed and perfected my skills, I got better at designing, expand my portfolio and broadcast myself out in the open. I soon started to see a lump sums of cash come in on a regular basis. And returning clients wanting more work done.

When I first started I gotten myself in so, many problems that kept me up at night. Driving me crazy how to fix many of the mistakes I made. From taking up too many projects at once, to clients sending threating emails, complete project misunderstanding and clients stealing my work using it out of agreement. To many more crap like that… I had to figure this all out by myself. But, once I did I learned from the mistakes and know how to completely avoid these h les of the past.

I went through it all. I now, know what to do and what not to do. With all this knowledge I gained. I made a book to teach designers or anyone matter of fact that are beginner level at drawing to earn money. I just had to spill it all out, I can’t keep my mouth shut, I got to tell people this. What I done was quite easy and I’m sure that anyone can replicate my success by just following my foot steps.

Identify your design skills if you know more than one. Good for you, the better chances you being successful. If you only know one or two. Don’t worry… you can still be able to a achieve success.

By utilizing design skills you can make a make money online such as taking photos, web design, drawing etc…? Buyers are desperate to find artist with your skills to get the job done for them. And that is where you come in… Don’t make your talent go to waste use them for you advantage and profit from it..

My special course is for all artist with different design skills. Not only does my stuff focus on drawing, it is also refined to all designers with different expertise in image editors, 3d models, photographers and many more…. What I teach is meant for all designer to learn how to make money with there skills.

I wasn’t when I first started! I only knew one on the list above. It was basics in Hand drawing and honestly… I really wasn’t the best at drawing but, I did earn a a good amount of cash dong it. But, this was only one design skill I knew at the time. I then took my time to learn other skills as photoshop, illustrator, blender 3D etc…That more I know the more opportunity came to me.

When I mean anyone can do this… I really mean all you need to start is just a pencil, computer, camera/ phone camera to get… Go to store

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