Supercharged Online Sponsoring – Supercharged Online Sponsoring By Riccardo Ferrari

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Supercharged Online Sponsoring - Supercharged Online Sponsoring By Riccardo Ferrari

"How To Build an Online Marketing Machine That Never Sleeps and Generates Minimum 400 Network Marketing Leads a Month to Build Your Business WITHOUT Cold Calling Rejection or H ling Friends and Family."

The dream of every networker is mastering the science of getting "free traffic and leads," “recruiting without rejection” and “creating long-lasting residual income.” If this dream is eluding you, I can change this for you, seriously.

After years of watching networkers struggling online, I decided to produce a step-by-step, A to Z, online network marketing blueprint that is completely honest, real, practical, accurate and totally vital to your ability to "find" and "sponsor" high-quality network marketing prospects online.

After reading the information in Supercharged Online Sponsoring,™ (and the attached reports) and applying the methods and techniques it teaches, you will never be out of leads and prospect to talk to again.

I used to be a marketing nobody. When I got started in network marketing, I couldn’t sell a certified, 10-pound gold bullion for a dollar if my life depended on it. I couldn’t sponsor anyone for a long time.

My first year in network marketing I made a pitiful $250. But with hard work persistence, stick-to-it-iveness and determination I became a top1% income earner by age 29 and remained one for 27 years in a row.

I went from ex Navy Officer and then truck driver in my father-in-law’s chemical company making $9,000 a year, to fully living the American Dream where money, freedom and every other possible conceivable dream came true at the highest level.

I have worked for 14 years in the “old-school" network marketing model as the #1 earner in two companies — and 13 years in the “new-school" model as #1 earner in two more companies using the internet. I’ve had over 800,000 reps in my career and currently earning retirement incomes from several organizations. I’m also one of the top recruiters in my current primary opportunity.

And, get this…I don´t sell to neighbors, friends or family. I don’t put flyers on cars and don’t chase people in malls. I use the internet. I generate tons of real-time leads.

I will show you what many top leaders and gurus would never publish and reveal. Powerful information on how to "realistically" and "simplistically" leverage the internet to grow the business of your dreams.

These strategies are the result of years of serious time in the trenches, hard knocks, trial-and-error, fall-on-your-face-and-get-up-and-try-again experience and wisdom building — believe me, they are far from being mere puffery!

Are You Tired of Uplines Who Are Stuck In 1980 and Persist In Throwing You Into The Ring Untrained, Unprepared, Unaware and Forced To Face Unnecessary, Unsustainable Rejection?

These are retro, non-stimulating, blind-faith, vague instructions that are totally missing what’s necessary to build a network marketing in today’s information age. You might as well travel back to the age of typewriters and the days of Shaklee-style pushy, salesly network marketing.

Hey, I respect the old school. I did very well in it for many years. It still has many good (actually essential) things to offer, which I treasure, teach and train. But it’s 2011! Times have changed…and every year they are changing even faster.

The good prospects are not in malls and supermarkets. They are not anxiously waiting by the phone dying to receive your promise-loaded cold calls. The good prospects are online! The internet is full of networkers. They are there by the millions and easy to reach. If you don’t reach them, your compe ion will.

Imagine For A Moment How It Would Feel To Have Plenty of Prospects Coming To You Every Day and Never Have To Talk To Disinterested, Negative Prospects Ever Again…

Imagine having the ability to sift, sort, keep or throw away and CHERRY PICK who you want to work with!

Please understand, I’m not selling the usual magic-pill, push- on, internet lies here. But ask yourself this question:

If there was a honest, legitimate and strategic way where high-quality leads come to you every day online, eager to get your advice and opinion and you never had to deal with unnecessary rejection, dog fights or tug of wars again, wouldn’t you want to see how it worked?

What if instead of being perceived as some nagging network marketer peddling a pyramid, you were viewed as a professional and people treated you with respect? If this was true, how would it affect your confidence, at ude, happiness and income?

Supercharged Online Sponsoring™ Is Powerful Information That Blows Away The Yesteryear, Rejection-Charged Techniques and Teaches You How to Recruit Interested Prospects Online!

It’s… Go to store

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