Viral Media Cash – Make Money With Viral Media

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Viral Media Cash - Make Money With Viral Media

Unless you’ve been living in a barn or cave or on another planet with no communications you’ve no doubt read the headlines. YouTube sells for $1.6 Billion. PutFile for $7.5 Million. Dorks.com for $1.5 Million. With the advent of more robust video storage and streaming technology and lower bandwidth costs viral video media has exploded almost overnight. We now have easy access to millions of web-based videos and, right now, it has never been easier to cash in on this media phenomenon.

I am a successful entertainment webmaster who makes a full-time living on the internet. I run many different websites in many different niches and the one thing that startled me when I ventured into viral media was how quick it was to be successful. In other niches I spent years getting my sites traffic and revenue. With an entertainment site I made good money in the first month. Any of you that have tried to make money online know how tough it can be. Books advertise easy secrets and riches, but it’s always harder than promised. I’m not going to tell you that my guide will allow you to kick back and simply count the money. You will have to put in effort up front and daily effort after that. I can see some of you clicking the back or close on on the browser now. Work? I want easy money! If you honestly believe you can make money without work you are never going to make money online. In fact, you’ll likely be ered into losing money as you randomly and desperately grasp for the next great, easy thing. As much as I wish for easy money, it simply doesn’t exist. However, there are easier and faster ways of making money online and an entertainment website is one of them.

When I first started I was lucky enough to find a mentor to reduce the learning curve. Without that helpful friend it likely would have taken me a long time to learn the ins and outs and there is a more than likely chance I would have quit in frustration. But with his help I was able to learn the basics and begin to make money quickly. And that is what this guide will do for you… it’ll serve as a personal mentor. It’ll spell out the business of running and profiting from an entertainment site. Instead of spending months or even years learning things the hard way, you will discover a step-by-step blueprint for earning money off viral media in the little time it takes to read the guide.

Most of you probably know what I mean by viral media. But in short it’s the term for any video, photo, or audio file that spreads, metaphoriclaly speaking, like a virus. It spreads with a life of its own through email, websites, word of mouth, etc. The media hits a wide mainstream audience and tends to be funny or shocking.

It has had millions of plays on YouTube and will likely spread for months. Thousands of other entertainment sites will pick it up as well and people will tell their friends and it well spread with a life of its own. Nightly news even devotes broadcasting time to covering viral videos of the moment. Viral media has become that popular.

This viral media is available for you to use and best of all, monetize. I go into great detail in the e-book about where to find "public domain" viral media, how to present and promote it and most importantly, make money from it.

I was reading an article a friend forwarded me recently written by an Adsense Guru who claimed to get over a million users a year to his network of blog sites. Good traffic, right? It’s reasonably easy to get a million visitors a month with an average entertainment site. I do over a million a month right now off a handful of websites.

I spend no more than two hours a day on this site and earn thousands a month. If I were to sell this site it would have a six-figure value.

I’ve had several entertainment webmaster friends tell me I’m a fool for creating my own compe ion. But I don’t see it that way. I believe in small business and citizen driven business. I’m not a big fan of monster corporations that control everything and force us to work in cubicles. I’m on the side of the little guy and I see the internet as a great equalizer between the big and small. I want to see the individuals get a piece of the pie instead of the money and control consolidated by a handful of giant corporations. So, I see us… Go to store

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