Guide for raising and marketing boer goat meat

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Guide for raising and marketing boer goat meat

THE GOAT FARMER’S ESSENTIAL: All Your Questions Answered… and more… in this easy-to-follow-and-understand guide!

Here it is… all you need to know for how to market Boer Goat Meat… and get the results you want!

Prepare to Meet the Emerging Meat Goat Market with Market Your Meat Goats“Goat Meat: Untapped Goldmine on Four Legs” – a Comprehensive Guide for Beginners & Experts!

Thanks, Russell, for sending me a preview copy of your book “Goat Meat: Untapped Goldmine On Four Legs”.

I found the book highly informative and the thing I enjoyed the most is that it really talks to you on your level. There is no impossible task of marketing your goat business on a corporate level, this is for all goat meat producers who roll up their sleeves and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, doing the job themselves!

Thanks again for sharing. I learned a lot about my own market, and took away several new ideas to implement into my line of operation.

There’s a lot of valuable info on the potential markets you can target, all the different opportunities you can exploit with your goats, and even valuable care and maintenance information!

It’s evident that a lot of research has gone into this book, and I absolutely loved seeing the statistics obtained from official sources and reading the advice other experts gave. Russell has gone to a lot of effort, and the end product really shows up for it.

The updated insights in this guide show you all the practical farming information you need to start your own meat goat operation.

To: Meat goat producers… from beginners to experts… who plan to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for goat meat… and be successful from the start… this guide is for you!!

I’ve made it my aim to bring together the real story of how to make a meat goat business really get up and deliver… right from the start… without making costly mistakes.

This guide will give you the questions to ask, along with explanations. This will allow you to feel prepared and relaxed as you concentrate on getting the most helpful answers.

You will find all you need to know to get started is right here: the fact is… I’ve already answered these questions for you!

We have interviewed, visited, and listened to SIX Meat Goat experts. They have decades of experience in Boar goat farming and have freely shared it with us. They have very successful ranches and can tell you what to really do to make a profit with meat goats, while enjoying the farming lifestyle.

While you may come up with some basics on the internet, you will find ALL of that in this guide, PLUS all the hard to find answers… and some secret strategies… right from our expert farmers.

Show goats or high elite quality breeding goats such as the one in this picture can be sold for $3,000 to $7,000 EACH!

Get your advice and suggestions from real farmers – they talk in a ‘down-to-earth’ manner that is easy to understand, while giving the knowledge that only hands-on experience can teach you.

After you learn all you can from our already successful farmers, we have a marketing expert who will then give you some ways you can ess your possible clients, and show how you can reach out to them and sell to them!

But there still remains one $$ Million Dollar $$ Question on everyone’s mind… even from people with substantial financial resources..

You’ve seen the prices, I’m sure. An average breeding quality animal can cost as much as $3,000 – $7,000 … so it’s easy to see why goats can be so profitable. Best of all, since goats can reproduce and usually have twins (unlike a factory product), they can double or triple your herd size in one season!!

Do the math and you’ll quickly see how much you can make by breeding a few and selling the offspring. Or you can really get into production, and breed many females and sell all non-breeding quality offspring as meat goats, while making a tidy profit. If you learn how to set up your ranch as a business, you should be able to claim thousands of dollars in tax benefits every year… and you may be eligible for agricultural grants!

Countless people have walked right past a great opportunity and not even recognized it was right there in front of them.

The experts we interview in this book have been there – and done that. They want to help you – so you can start out faster and hit your profit goals sooner. They will give you real-life stories of what happened to them, and how they built… Go to store

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